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The Woman in White
by Constance Cox
Adapted from the novel by Wilkie Collins

Here are a few of our publicity photos and videos.  

We would like to say a huge thank you to Langrish House for hosting us for our photo shoot in August. 

It is a wonderful house and a beautiful location.

Langrish House  (Amanda) (1).JPG
3 - Anne Catherick outside Langrish - Foggy Landscape 1.jpg
24 - Langrish House Moody.jpg
7 - Anne Catherick outside window Countess insdie.jpg
18 - Marion Halcombe in Hallway.jpg
R3 - Count and Countess Fosco 2 - black and white.jpg
Mr Fairlie, Louis and Walter Hartright.jpg

Tickets available from our website now

or in person at

One Tree Bookshop, Lavant Street (01730 261199) 


The Town Visitor Centre, Festival Hall (01730 264182)

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