I've been a member of Winton Players since I was 6 years old.  I joined because I really enjoy acting and it's even better with such supportive, friendly people around you.  I've really enjoyed taking part in the annual pantomime.  

Club Nights are really fun and extremely enjoyable.  It's a whole evening of different themed activities and games with the rest of the Winton Juniors!  One of my favourite Club Night themes is improvisation. - Joe

our juniors


We have an active Junior Group and hold Junior Club Nights which we run on the first Friday of every month, February to October, (when we are not rehearsing for the Pantomime). 

These are fun evenings where, with the use games and acting out scenes, we take different aspects of the theatre, such as characterisation, costumes, voice projection, improvisation, props, learning lines, movement, set design and painting etc. etc. 

We often put on a One Act Play in the Summer which has opportunities for Junior members, and then rehearsals for our Pantomime, start in October.

If you are interested in joining the Juniors or would like more information, please email our secretary on wintonplayerssecretary@gmail.com.

I've been in Winton Players for one month or more and it's so much furn.  All the people are kind and friendly.  Club Nights are such a laugh - William