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Scenery and Painting

The society prides itself on designing, building and painting all its own scenery from scratch in the hut at Sheet. They call themselves “The Bodgers” due to a characteristically British sense of false modesty and humour. In fact, they are far from bodgers as the sets which they build must be strong enough to withstand all the rigours and stress to which the cast will subject them, and meet the high standards required for health and safety.


They include talented designers and draughtsmen, carpenters and artists among their number, as well as others who are happy just to hammer and paint in a less skilled capacity as directed. They are sometimes described as “The Artful Bodgers” and are always keen to welcome new members in whatever capacity.

As well as preparing the sets and scenery The Bodgers will construct the sets on stage when the production moves into its performance venue and disassemble and return it to the hut at the end of the run. Additionally, the Bodgers will undertake some of the minor maintenance jobs required to keep the hut in good order.

Currently they meet in the hut on Monday mornings as most are now past retirement age, but this is by no means an immoveable feast and additional evening sessions can be arranged should there be a requirement for them.

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